Top 5 Best Places to Visit on Fez City Tours

Top 5 Best Places to Visit on Fez City Tours

Fez is Morocco’s cultural and historical capital with both hidden and clear treasures – you will find nowhere. The city boasts the elaborate architecture in its madrasas, mosques as well as the enticing labyrinth – the old medina for which Fez is predominantly known.

Planning a vacation in Morocco? Then, choosing Fez city tours is a must. But the city has a lot more to do – makes confused where to start your journey. To help you out, here are a few best places to stop over in Fez:

  1. Bab Boujloud –

The Bab Boujloud, Blue Gate is named for the blue Fassi tiles on the outside. It was built in 1913 by the French. The swirls and star pattern tiles switch to green on the inside. When you look at either side, it’s impressive and bustling insight to the historic area with 9,500 streets and alleys. This is situated in just 7 kilometers distance from Fez and can be a part of your Fez City Tours.

  1. Madrasa Bou Inania –

The Madrasa Bou Inania is one of the most famous religious buildings non-Muslims can enter easily. It was an Islamic school – founded by Sultan Abu Inan Faris. The building is beautifully decorated with intricate carvings and tile work all the way up to the top of the minaret. An authentic monument of eighth-century and definitely give you a life time experience on City Tours in Fez.

  1. Nejjarine Museum of Wooden Arts & Crafts –

The Nejjarine Museum of Wooden Arts & Crafts is a strikingly restored fondouk (rooming house). everything you find it is beautifully presented. After all, the stunning building offers the exhibits a run for their money. There is a rooftop cafe offering great views over the medina.

  1. Moulay Idriss –

The Moulay Idriss – the whitewashed town located astride two green hills in a cradle of mountains located less than 5 kilometers from Volubilis. It’s one of the most important pilgrimage sites in Morocco.

With its picturesque setting, pretty historic core and national importance, it’s a mystery. Though it’s less crowded with tourists, you can often have the place all to yourself.

  1. Es-Seffarine Square –

Es-Seffarine Square is one of the oldest trades practiced in Fes and that of the copperware craftsmen. Surrounding the Seffarinr Square, you will listen to noisy changing and banging.

There, you’ll see coppersmiths shaping and polishing all varieties of pots, plates, and buckets. It can be best seen while sipping mint tea at Cremerie la Place in the northeast corner of the small square.

Conclusion –

Want to take a Fez holiday? What are you waiting for? Book Fes city tours through Morocco Exclusive Tours  and experience the best of Fez. We offer customized tour itineraries to explore the spiritual as well as handicrafts capital of the Moroccan Kingdom.

10 Days tour Imperial Cities and Atlantic Coast from Casablanca

Reasons, Why Casablanca Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

Reasons, Why Casablanca Should Be Your Next Travel Destination


Travel enthusiasts love to make their trip to Casablanca. Due to its breath-taking scenes, architecture and culture, this iconic city attracts millions of tourists from each corner of the globe. It is known as the sixth biggest city in the entire Africa continent.  Plus, this is the economic capital of Morocco and a number of international business institutions have established their headquarters in this city. Today, this city is considered as one of the modern cities in the world. Therefore, Casablanca has become the point of attraction. Here you can find people from different cultural and geographical backgrounds. This is the home of Morocco’s signature art including Art Noveau, Art Deco, Mauresque and Avant.

Here are some must visit places in Casablanca

Hassan II Mosque

Hassan II Mosque is the largest mosque in Morocco and seventh largest in entire world. It has capacity to host twenty five thousands of devotee in its hall and almost eighty thousands of worshippers will be easily accommodate at its courtyard. All most eight hundred million dollars have spent to build this masterpiece and it is considered as the second largest religious building in the entire planet. Most of the essential part of this mosque including minaret, royal doors and dome, are made from marble. Its breath-taking view is truly unforgettable in life.

The Habous Quarter

Located near the Royal Palace of Morocco, The Habous Quarter is one of the oldest sections of Casablanca. Featured with its distinctive architecture and outlines, the design of the district followed the lines of the ancient quarters like these in Fes and Marrakesh. It  is also famous for selling the traditional Moroccan goods including leather, silver, copper pieces, wood products and beautifully handmade carpets. If you want to get firsthand experience of Moroccan culture, you shouldn’t miss visiting this iconic place.

The Museum of Abdel Rahman El Sellawy

If you want to explore the history of Morocco, never forget to visit The Museum of Abdel Rahman El Sellawy. This museum displays a large number of exhibits including antiques, portraits and much more. The mosque was named after the famous Moroccan traveler who was born in 1919 and has transformed to museum.

The Jewish Museum

If you love to explore different religious group and their existence, The Jewish Museum is the finest place to go for. This is the largest in the entire Arab world and illustrates the life of the Jews in Northern Africa. Occupying surface area more than seven hundred square meters, the museum displays many sculptures, portraits and photographs. This museum is addition to three rooms those are specified to illustrate the religious and family life of Jews in different part of history. This museum is not so old and it has established in 1997. Its significant design attracts thousands of tourists every year and without paying a visit to this iconic place, your tour to Casablanca can’t be completed. This museum not only satisfy your passion to know the religious existence but also fill your with excitement. Never drop a chance to witness this magnificent monument dedicated to Jews.

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Places in Morocco to visit for having an enjoyable and exploring vacation

Places in Morocco to visit for having an enjoyable and exploring vacation


 few people travel to appreciate, and some to explore. If with no misgivings, you feel you are the person who falls under both the categories, at that point it is time you put Morocco on your list of vacation destination! Aside from probably the best places to visit in Morocco, the nation likewise rises to give you a taste of culture and way of life, that can seldom be experienced anywhere today. The best of Morocco Exclusive Tours offers you such tours, which will enable you to have both while having comfort and affordability.

The reasons to visit Morocco

On the off chance that this is the main question that sprung up in your mind the minute we recommended you to put Morocco on your list of a vacation destination, well, here’s the reason:

  •    Rich Culture
  •    Entrancing spots to go in Morocco
  •    Lovely hotels and resorts to stay
  •    Exciting food, which is an extraordinary mix of different societies
  •    Clamoring nightlife and an unending number of shopping roads
  •    Worth your time and cash

Best time to visit Morocco

Whenever between March to May is a decent time to visit this nation on the off chance that you need to travel and experience the true excellence of the Morocco vacation destinations. The reputed tour operators organize perfect Morocco Exclusive Tours that will add flavor to your vacation.

The places to visit in Morocco

Since you know why and when to go, look through this dropdown of areas in Morocco to visit so you know where precisely you should set out to toward a remarkable holiday experience!


Regardless of its ancientness and design, Meknes advances toward the rundown of the top best places to visit in Morocco. It is situated in the north of Morocco, and is a ninth century medina and furthermore one of the former capitals. On your visit here, while you may feel that it is not as elegant as other places to visit in Morocco, yet the imperial castle and other major chronicled destinations are a perfect stop to find out about Morocco’s way of life. Remember to visit the beguiling attractions that make it so prominent among vacationers searching for outlandish Arabian encounters.

Explore the significant historical sites like Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail, Bab Mansour and Dar Jamai Museum. Do not forget to visit the Roman ruins of Volubilis. Likewise, you can take a day trip to the pilgrimage settlement of Moulay Idriss, learn about Morocco’s architecture when you visit Dar Jamai Museum and have a photo shoot at the splendid Bab Mansour Gate.


Located on Morocco’s North Atlantic coast, seaside Asilah is famous among the vacationers and natives as a hot summer spot. Aside from the sandy shorelines, the city dividers shrouded in beautiful wall paintings additionally make this city one of the top Morocco spots to visit! If you are here amid August, remember to go to the town’s energetic yearly Arts Festival that makes it each youth’s most beloved city in Morocco amid this time!

Relax at the Paradise Beach and shop at the little adjacent shops. Have a fancy lunch at Restaurant Oceano Casa Pepe and visit Aplanos the significant art gallery.

High Atlas

High Atlas is North Africa’s most astounding range of mountain called mountain of mountains. This spot is a haven for trekkers, mainly from spring to fall. It runs crosswise over Morocco for roughly 1000 km, and its serrated Jurassic pinnacles act as a climate boundary. Out of all the best places to visit in Morocco, this one is beautiful to the point that it will blow your mind! Get your climbing shoes out and set off on an adventure you will recollect forever!

Jebel Toubkal is a famous place to visit. You can hike at Toubkal National Park, shop souvenirs and enjoy local cuisines in Imlil and have a fantastic view from Tizi n’Test Pass.


Essaouira is one of the top Morocco vacation spots. Furthermore, not because it is a fantastic city to make tracks in the opposite direction from the warmth and dullness of the huge city’s way of life yet also since its where the shooting of season three of Game of Thrones happened! What makes it increasingly well known is that harking back to the ’60s, this shoreline town was a prevalent shoreline joint for famous people like Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley. You never know, you may very well end up gathering your most loved celeb on your visit to Essaouira!

Do remember to visit Essaouira Citadel, walk along the medina to have a picturesque view of the Atlantic Ocean and if possible be present at the Gnaoua World Music Festival.


Set amid the Rif Mountains, Chefchaouen – otherwise called the blue city is a community in a vast landscape. Among all the Morocco urban areas to visit, this one is prominent for solo voyaging and exploring the town’s famous blue and white painted houses. The inhabitants are friendly, so you will get the opportunity to delight in some sweet friendliness here that makes this one of the top spots to visit in Morocco.

Do not forget to shop for handicrafts and the best souvenirs when you are here. Have a drink at Outa el Hammam square and soak yourself in the amazing waterfalls at Ras El Maa.


Arranged on the coast, Rabat is the nation’s capital and one of the top Morocco vacation spots. The best climate throughout and the serene shorelines are just several explanations for its fame. The city has another part, which has wide streets and outdoor bistros, and the old town or medina, which has braced dividers. With so much that, it offers to vacationers of any age and nationalities, you should ensure you do not avoid this spot off your schedule!

It is necessary that you take a tour of the Hassan Tower and escape the crowd visiting Chellah.


While Casablanca probably will not be as barometrical as different urban areas, it is without a doubt a standout amongst the best places to visit in Morocco and the perfect portrayal of advancement. The city’s shocking Moresque structures, which merge the French-colonial plan with the conventional Moroccan style, is the best thing to appreciate here. Attributable to its fabulous food and design, it is undoubtedly among the best places to go in Morocco.

You must enjoy the impressive dining and enchanting nightlife here. The places that you should not forget to visit are Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca Twin Center and King’s Palace. Casa Tramway should be your means to roam around in the town.


If you have liked continuously the parched desert scenes in Hollywood motion pictures, you will be eager to realize that a portion of your most loved desert scenes may have gone through Morocco amid their shooting. Morocco has been inviting directors from Hollywood since the ’60s, and the town of Ouarzazate has been a center point. So now you recognize what makes this city a standout amongst the best places to visit in Morocco! With all its Arabian excellence that draws vacationers from distant locations abroad, it beyond any doubt will give you some extraordinary settings for your photos.

The foremost thing to do is to visit the sets where the shooting of Hollywood movies happened. As Atlas Film Studios, will give you a glimpse of the sets where the shooting of movies like Cleopatra and Kingdom of Heaven happened. Except for this visit Main Square to, eat and shop, as you desire.


Situated north of the lower regions of the Atlas Mountains, Marrakech is a clamoring city with an extensive medina, and one of the well-known Morocco vacation spots. From the focal square of Djemma El-Fna to the El Badi Palace, and the clamoring souks or bazaars, there is a great deal to do and see here! To have a taste of culture, food and old red architecture, it is necessary that you visit Marrakech.

The places to visit are Jemaa El Fna for shopping, Dar Si Said Museum to know the culture of Morocco, have a drink at Kechmara and have a mouth-watering dinner at Hotel La Maison Arabe.


Tucked between the High Atlas Mountains and the flawless Sahara Desert, Tinghir is Morocco’s crown gem that sits cozily in the focal point of the Todra Valley. In contrast to different places in this nation, Tinghir happens to be an old French town, which has now transformed into a rambling city engaging travelers with marvelous bloom greenery enclosures, Kasbahs, and provincial tight avenues. It is likewise every explorer’s most beloved city in Morocco since it gives astonishing perspectives of the town and encompassing slopes after a climb up to the eighteenth century, Glaoui Palace ruins sitting at an impressive height.

Todgha Gorge is necessary to visit place along with having a hike to Glaoui Palace. Do not forget to have a camel ride and shop at the Crafts Market.


After quite a bit of it getting damaged in the quake in 1960, including different of its legacy destinations, Agadir has at last figured out how to grow from the ashes. It is presently a flourishing ocean side retreat town with an excellent waterfront and a relaxed vibe whichever course you take. Flaunting its fight scars with delight, this occupied and clamoring port city has transformed into one of the top spots to visit in Morocco. From walking around its beautiful boulevards, lolling under the sun on its shorelines, to overeating on Moroccan delights at the different food stalls, there’s a great deal you can do amid your outing to Agadir in Morocco.

Walk along the Agadir Beach, visit the Birds Valley, Agadir Museum and hike along the trail at Souss-Massa National Park.




A day tour from Marrakech to Ait Benhaddou Kasbah start in the morning and back in evening to Marrakech.


Marrakech - High Atlas Mountains - Berber Villages - Ait Benhaddou Kasbah - Marrakech

We will start this day trip from Marrakech to Kasbah Ait Benhaddou crossing the Atlas Mountains. The winding roads, changing scenery, colorful valleys, shepherds with their flocks, Berber villages high up on the hillsides, make this a picturesque drive. And when we get to Tizi N’Tichka Pass, we’ll be at the highest point in the Atlas Mountains. As you reach the far side of the mountains the landscape changes dramatically, becoming semi-arid and desert-like. Here is the Kasbah architecture with turrets on all the buildings, adorned with grilled windows and soft peach colored walls. These traditional houses are made of adobe, highly suitable for the climatic conditions of the south. After the Tichka pass, you leave the main road and take a side road to the Telouet Kasbah, which belonged to the Lords of the Atlas, the Glaoui family, which stands in ruins after the last Pasha fled the country after the departure of the French. From there you continue for lunch at Kasbah Ait Ben Haddou along the newly asphalted road. The afternoon is spent exploring the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ait Benhaddou, which has been used as a backdrop for many Hollywood blockbusters. It was one of the most important fortress strongholds on the old Salt Road caravan routes, where traders brought slaves, gold, ivory and salt from sub-Saharan Africa to Marrakech and beyond.

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